Rowan Green writes books, but you knew that, didn’t you? Although most of his work has never seen the light of day, some of his stuff is out there. 

He enjoys low carb moderate protein foods, coffee, and chatting with his favorite author Anna Rose, whose work he highly recommends. You can find her site, Sumaire Web, in the useful links section to the right. He also recommends her podcast, SciFi and Fantasy, Light & Dark. 

He lives in the Southern United States with his wife, roommate, and cats. When he’s not writing, he works at his job with a software company. In his free time, he tends to spend time outdoors, camping or hiking. He also enjoys coffee shops and playing with his cats, Hazel and Kyra.

Rowan Green would like to thank the amazing Anna Chamberlain who has designed all the wonderful work on his website and book. Her work can be seen at: https:// 

If you want to get ahold of Rowan, you can link to him on Facebook or via email at rowan dot green at hotmail dot com.