Greek Story

My latest project, a story in which the Greek Gods lost to the Titans is underway. You can read the prologue and the first chapter for free on my Patreon.

The prologue:

Chapter 1:

A Family Outing (Card Walker Universe)

A Family Outing – a short story set in the Card Walker Universe is available on my Patreon for free. This takes place when Alethea and Felicia are much younger, before James comes to their world. Check it out here!

A Life in Color

The second story in the Colors universe – A Life in Color – can be seen on my Patreon for free. Check it out!

The Colors of Love

The first story in my Colors universe. You see in shades of gray until you meet your soulmate. Check it out here.

Grandmother’s Portrait

My first jaunt into the horror genre can be accessed on my Patreon for free to anyone. Check it out here!