New story about the Greek Titans (2020/05/02)

Pausing with the Cardwalker Chronicles for a bit. This new story is set in a universe where the Titans won the war with the Olympians, so the main character was sent back in time to prevent their victory. The titans and the gods are in America now, as civilization has moved from Greece. Here are the prologue and first chapter. The rest will be posted on my Patreon page for subscribers once a month. You can see the pronunciation guide here:

See the Stories page for the prologue and first chapter.

Book II getting closer (2020/10/17)

This one features our heroes in a whole new deck with a corrupt king and a twisted Major Arcana. How will James and Alethea handle this new challenge, in a kingdom where he’s no longer the Fool, and she’s not an acknowledged Royal?
Stay tuned!